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Moszkowski: 20 Short Studies, Opus 91 for the piano

( Global Edition )
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Musical instrument : Piano

Composition : Solo
Edited by Maurice Hinson ・No. 1 in G Major, Con moto ・No. 2 in C Major, Vivace ・No. 3 in C Major, Vivace ・No. 4 in F Major, Allegro ・No. 5 in B-flat Major, Tempo animato ・No. 6 in E-flat Major, Allegro ma non troppo ・No. 7 in G Major, Allegro brillante ・No. 8 in B Minor, Moderato ・No. 9 in G Major, Commodo ・No. 10 in G Minor, Andante con moto ・No. 11 in C Major, Allegro ma non troppo ・No. 12 in C Major, Veloce ・No. 13 in F Minor, Con moto ma non troppo ・No. 14 in C Major, Animato e leggiero ・No. 15 in E-flat Major, Allegro non troppo ma molto energico ・No. 16 in G Minor, Allegro energico ・No. 17 in E-flat Major, Moderato e cantabile ・No. 18 in A Minor, Vivo ・No. 19 in E Major, Presto ・No. 20 in G-flat Major, Allegro moderato

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