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Anthology of 20th Century Piano Music Intermediate to Early Advanced Works by 37 Composers

( Global Edition )
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Musical instrument : Piano

Composition : Solo
Edited by Maurice Hinson ■B.BARTÓK Bagatelle Op.6-4;Sz.38:4 /Bear Dance Sz.39:10 /Evening in the Country Sz.39:5/ Romanian Folk Dances Sz.56 Joc Cu Bâtâ(Stick Dance)/Brâul (Waistband Dance)/Pe Loc(On the Spot)/ Buciumeana(Dance of Butschum)/Poargă Românescă (Romanian Polka)/Măruntelul (Lively Dance)/ Variations on a Slovakian Folk Tune Sz.42:II/5 ■A.BENJAMIN Jamaican Rumba ■L.BERNSTEIN For Johnny Mehegan ■A.COPLAND In Evening Air/Sentimental Melody ■H.COWELL The Tides of Manaunaun ■C.DEBUSSY Danse de la poupée L.128/Minstrels L.117:12 ■E.DIEMER Clusters and Dots/Gigue/Serenade ■M.FALLA Ritual Fire Dance ■A.FARWELL Approach of the Thunder God ■R.FINNEY Medley—Campfire on the Ice ■C.FLOYD Chorale/Fourth Lyric Piece/Night Song/Waltz ■I.FRIEDMAN The Little Spaniard Op.76-7 ■A.GINASTERA Rondo on Argentine Children’s Folk Tunes ■P.GRAINGER Irish Tune from County Derry/The Sussex Mummer’s Christmas Carol ■C.GRIFFES The Lake at Evening Op.5-1/The White Peacock Op.7-1 ■L.HARRISON Reel—Homage to Henry Cowell ■J.IBERT A Giddy Girl ■N.KEYES Three Love Songs Gently, Johnny, My Jingalo/Shenandoah/Lolly-Too-Dum ■Z.KODÁLY Young People’s Dance—for the Black Keys ■B.LEES Kaleidoscopes Nos.9 and 10 ■B.MARTINU Columbine Dances—Waltz/The New Puppet—Shimmy/The Shy Doll—Chanson ■D.MILHAUD Sorocaba Op.67-1 ■F.POULENC Mouvements perpétuels No.1/No.2/No.3 ■A.PREVIN February 15 ■S.PROKOFIEV Prelude (Harp) Op.12-7/Visions Fugitives Op.22-1 and 5 ■M.RAVEL À la manière de Borodin—Valse/Prélud ■V.REBIKOV Dancing Demons/Sad Moment ■W.RIEGGER The Augmented Triad/The Major Second/The Tritone ■E.SATIE Le Piccadilly—Marche/Sonatine bureaucratique ■A.SCHOENBERG Six Little Piano Pieces Op.19-2 and 6 ■C.SCOTT Lento Op.35-1 ■I.STRAVINSKY Siciliana/Lento/Pesante ■K.SZYMANOWSKI Prelude Op.1-1 ■A.TCHEREPNIN Ten Bagatelles Op.5-1 and 9 ■V.THOMSON Homage to Marya Freund and to the Harp/Sam Byers: With Joy ■J.TURINA Tango Op.8-2 ■H.VILLA-LOBOS O Polichinelo(The Punch Doll)

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