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Essential Keyboard Repertoire, Volume 8 (Miniatures) 95 Early / Late Intermediate Miniatures - Baroque to Modern One or Two page in length Baroque to Modern

( Global Edition )
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Musical instrument : Piano

Composition : Solo
Edited by Maurice Hinson ■C.P.E.Bach Fantasia Wq.117:8/Solfeggio Wq.117:2 ■J.C.F.Bach Menuett in G Major/Moderato in C Major ■J.S.Bach Aria BWV 515/Gavotte II BWV 811/March BWV Anh.127 ■Bartók Above the Tree, Under the Tree Sz.42:45/Dance Song Sz.42:49 etc. ■Beethoven Bagatelle Op.119-10/German Dance WoO.42-1/Minuet WoO.10-3 ■Brahms Waltz Op.39-2 ■Chaminade Orientale Op.123-9 ■Chopin Bourrée II KK 1404/Gallop Marquis KKp 1240a/Prelude Op.28-7&20 ■Debussy Album Leaf L.133/La fille auxr cheveux de lin L.117:8 ■Foster Soirée Polka ■Granados Bell of the Afternoon, The, from Bocetos/Poetic Valse No.5/Poetic Valse No.6 ■Grieg Patriotic Song Op.12-8 ■Gurlitt Bolero ■Händel Gigue in D Minor/Menuett in C Minor ■Hässler Ecossaise in G Major ■Haydn Gypsy Dance Hob.IX:28/6/Vivace Hob. 1:92/4 ■Heller Gypsies, Op.138-19 ■Kabalevsky By the Campfire Op.3/86-6/Dance on the Lawn Op.27-11 etc. ■Khachaturian Bedtime Story/Cat on a Swing/Skipping ■Kullak Grandmother Tells a Ghost Story Op.81-3 ■Liszt The Bell Tolls S.238 ■MacDowell To a Wild Rose Op.51-1 ■Maykapar The Blacksmith Op.8-5/Echo in the Mountains Op.28-19 ■Mendelssohn Song without Words Op.30-3 ■W.A.Mozart Bread and Butter/Klavierstiück K 33b ■Nielsen Danish Folk Tune Op.3-1 ■Oesten The Sound of the Hunting Horn ■Prokofiev March Op.65-10 ■Rameau Le Lardon-Menuet ■Rebikov The Lame Witch Lurking in the Forest Op.31-9 ■Satie The Tango (Endless) ■D.Scarlatti Aria K.32/Sonata K.431 ■Schmitt Valse Viennoise Op.320-8 ■Schubert German Dance D.783 No. 7/Waltz D.145:6 ■Schumann Traümerei Op.15-7 ■Scriabin Prelude Op.11-22 ■Shostakovich Happy Birthday Op.69-7/Russian Menuet ■Sibelius Valsette Op.40-1 ■Tchaikovsky Song of the Lark Op.39-22 ■Türk Having Fun Crossing Hands/Those Broken Octaves! ■Weber Ballett in F Major ■Other Composers J.C.Bach /W.F.Bach /Backer-Grendahl / Czerny /Friedman / Gambarini / Goedicke / Indy / Kirchner /L.Mozart / Myslivecek / Neefe / Reinagle / Tcherepnin / Wagner

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