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Aulos I - Piano Pieces for Advances Players to Practise Polyphony

( Global Edition )
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Musical instrument : Piano

Composition : Solo
Level of difficulty
Level 3 Hard
1.Prelude in A minor (two-part writing) 2.Fughetta in A major (imitation, fugue) 3.Prelude in D minor (syncopation) 4.Fughetta in D minor (the stretto) 5.Prelude in E major (inversions) 6.Aria in E major (augmentation - diminution) 7.Prelude in G minor (double counterpoint) 8.Geneva Psalm 150 (communal singing and polyphony) 9.Prelude in B major (polyphonic 'floating') 10.Chorale fantasia in B minor (what the words imply) 11.Toccatina (latent polyphony) 12.Fughetta in C minor (towards a double fugue) 13.Prelude in F-sharp major (the melody at the bottom (where else should it be?)) 14.Fugue in F-sharp major (double fugue) 15.'An Angel from Heaven' (polyphony is transparent) 16.Appendix 9b Chorale fantasia (Geneva Psalm 42)

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