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Aulos II - Piano Pieces for Advanced Players to Practise Polyphony

( Global Edition )
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Musical instrument : Piano

Composition : Solo
Level of difficulty
Level 3 Hard
1.Prelude in D-flat major (regular - irregular) 2.Fugue in D-flat major (proposta - riposta (or dialogue in the fugue)) 3.Prelude in B-flat minor (complementary rhythm) 4.Capriccio in B-flat major (complementary rhythm with a collision) 5.A walk (...when the bellissima Donna Cambiata...) (syncopation 2) 6....the brief biography of a river (flowing polyphony) 7.Landscape in three versions - Landscape dreaming in the sun 8.Landscape in three versions - Landscape shivering in winter 9.Landscape in three versions - ...and as the fog lifts 10.Homeward bound through the forest ('My home in the mountains...') (in the density of part-writing) 11.Prelude in A-flat major (figurations: polyphony's labourers) 12.Fugue in A-flat major ('duel' of the subjects) 13.Triple fugue in B-flat major (triple counterpoint) 14.Chorale in three versions - Etude 'Harp' (the 'ancient hymn') 15.Chorale in three versions - Fughetta super 'Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland' (J.S, meine Freude) 16.Chorale in three versions - Hymn at the frontier ('Give us peace, Lord') 17.Appendix - 8b In winter solitude

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