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Selected Piano Pieces -The Bartók Performing Editions

( Global Edition )
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Musical instrument : Piano

Composition : Solo
Level of difficulty
Level 3 Hard
Edited by Bartók, Béla 1.Andante pastorale (C major) (L. 2, K. 384) 2.Allegretto scherzando (C-major) (L. 3, K. 502) 3.Allegro molto (C major) (L. 5, K. 406) 4.Allegro risoluto (E minor) (L. 22, K. 198) 5.Andante (E major) (L. 21, K. 162) 6.Allegro (B flat major) (L. 141, K. 332) 7.Molto moderato (A minor) (L. 138, K. 109) 8.Vivace (A major) (L. 135, K. 212) 9.Moderato (E flat major) (L. 142, K. 193) 10.Allegro molto (B flat major) (L. 50, K. 70)

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