Update firmware of GVIDO foot switch

This is the procedure to update the firmware of the GVIDO foot switch to the latest version.
GVIDO foot switch setting tool is required to update the firmware.

  1. Download GVIDO foot switch setting tool

    Click Download of Windows or macOS from the software download on the support page and download the tool.

  2. Installing the GVIDO Foot Switch Setting Tool

    Unzip the download file and read "readme_first". Double click "setup" on Windows or "GVIDOFSMacApp" on macOS to install.

  3. Firmware update

    Turn on the Foot Switch by simultaneously holding the F1 button down and pressing the power button, and keep pressing the F1 button until the PC recognizes the Foot Switch.

    Connect GVIDO foot switch to the computer and start the GVIDO foot switch setting tool.
    Click on "Details" button on the main screen to open the "GVIDO Advanced Settings".

    When the computer is connected to the internet and new firmware is provided,
    the notification should show up. Click "Update" to continue.

    * Note - do not turn off the computer and GVIDO Foot Switch while updating. Also, please do not remove the connected USB cable.

  4. Complete

    Once the update process is complete, the above screen will show up. Click "OK" to close it and if the message "Latest version is displayed" is displayed in the "Version" column of the "GVIDO Advanced Settings", the update is complete.